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The elimination of the stealth withhold machine, pressure machine

The elimination of the stealth withhold machine, pressure machine

Guangzhou xin yu hydraulic equipment co., LTD. Withhold machinery manufacturing the latest generation of withhold machine, pressure machine, alternative to replace the important device in the withhold machine, pressure machine, the gear pump to upgrade to the plunger pump, plunger pump on plunger reciprocating motion in the cylinder, the volume of the sealing work chamber should change to realize oil absorption, oil pressure, high pressure rated, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow control.

Xin yu said below and figure out how to maintain the plunger pump, enhances the working efficiency of the withhold machine, pressing machine, increase the service life, the elimination of the stealth withhold machine, pressure machine.

Withhold machine, pressure machine anti-wear hydraulic oil of the choice of good or bad, affect work efficiency and service life of the equipment is very big, can be said to be invisible harm withhold machine, pressing machine, anti-wear hydraulic from rust and oxidation on the basis of the hydraulic oil, which it has a high alkaline zinc, low alkaline zinc, neutral type high zinc and ash free, etc. Series of products, they are in accordance with the 40 'C kinematic viscosity can be divided into 22, 32, 46, 68 four grades. Withhold machine, pressure machine use 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Good anti-wear hydraulic oil standards:

(l), proper viscosity and good viscosity-temperature properties, to ensure that the hydraulic components in the working pressure and temperature change under the condition of good lubrication, cooling and sealing.

(2), good extreme pressure and anti-wear, to ensure that the oil pump, hydraulic motor, control valve and cylinder of the friction pair under the condition of high pressure, high speed hard get normal lubrication, reducing wear and tear.

(3), excellent oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability, against air, moisture and high temperature, high pressure or the influence of such factors as function, make its not easy ageing, prolong service life.

(4), good anti-foam and air release value, to ensure that under the condition of mechanical sharp in stirring the bubble can quickly disappear; And can be mixed with oil in the air is released in a short time, in order to realize accurate, sensitive, smoothly passed static pressure.

(5), good demulsibility, with oil mixed with water in the rapid separation, so as to avoid the formation of emulsion, the metal corrosion caused by hydraulic system and reduce the using performance.

(6), good rust resistance, in order to prevent the metal surface rust.