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Withhold machine price difference

Withhold machine price difference

Withhold machine price difference factor:

Wire has been hydraulic hose assembly, and other industries a lot and widely used. Withhold machine surface is more and more widely used, burke machine demand is also increasing. So now not only requires withhold machine has high precision, high efficiency, but also can withhold various forms, wire diameter and various layers of the elbow, flange, ultra-high pressure, large diameter hose assembly, so the more stringent requirements to withhold machine is put forward.

Because of this, more and more withhold vendors would do to the price war will withhold machine product sales, this greatly depress withhold mechanism, using inferior material, cut corners; Lead to market and its chaos.

Withhold machine market price difference is big, the most important factor is to reduce the selling price with normal manufacturer "price war"; Price due to the nature of some withhold vendors would reduce this withhold mechanism, reduce service efforts even little after it said today (Monday);

Withhold machine cost reduce the quality of the main reason to reflect on the following:

1, hydraulic accessories

Burke machine hydraulic system is an important part of the equipment. It has a motor, hydraulic pump, reversing valve, relief valve, etc. Example: the same is 10 ycy14-1 b plunger pump, high pressure oil pump factory need about 1450 yuan in Shanghai, and some other manufacturers only need 800 yuan. 10 size electromagnetic directional valve, Shanghai lixin factory and Beijing huade factory, the price is 450 yuan, and other manufacturers in 300-350 yuan, the price of other components as well. So, hydraulic components and choose better price difference should be between 30% and 50%.

2, selection of processing technology and materials

Cutting processing technology and processing, so as to achieve the purpose of cost reduction, lead to problems in customer usage. For example: withhold machine core contraction area (mold base, mould), refined grid conditioning treatment shall be carried out strictly to quenching process. Some cheap withhold machine pressure often direct quenching, save tempering process, the workpiece brittleness severe and hardness is not enough, deformation, fracture and other problems over time.

3, save test link

Production need a qualified withhold machine: purchasing parts inspection, assembly process inspection, shrink, incoming inspection, factory inspection qualified rear can sales to the customer. Some cheap withhold factory house to save money to improve the production efficiency is save the inspection link, so lead to withhold machine oil leakage, pressure is too small, excessive noise on the quality problem.

4, r&d lack of reason

Some new product research and development of new craft production scale company, take its output value of about 3% - 6%, investment is very large, and a few small companies do not spend a lot of money on r&d, can only do some simple appearance imitation, causing eauty, inner quality is very poor.

5, after-sales service does not reach the designated position

Low prices often simply withhold machine to lower prices to sell things out and ignored the post-sale service, once the equipment failure, often due to not consider this part of the cost in the price, rather than lines, delay customers to use, and may cause the dispute.

In v. several big price difference factor is pointed out that the customers of the upcoming purchase withhold machine, please make the correct judgment.